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Beginner/Intro Pole:

Beginner pole fitness classes are taught in a very non-intimidating, choreo style. Learn the art of pole movement, beginner spins, and transitions on the pole. If you didn't step into our doors as a dancer, you will leave as one! This is a fun class with the goal of building mental and physical confidence, having fun, and getting a great workout!

Vertical Conditioning:

Tone and strengthen your upper body, core, and thighs using a combination of pole, aerial silks, and hand weights, along with flexibility training. Great for any level of fitness, from zero to pole goddess!

Intermediate and Advanced Pole and Aerial Spins 

Learn dynamic pole fitness spins, fluidity, diverse gripping techniques, and combos. Learn to connect 2 to 3 spins in intermediate, and end a combo with an invert in advanced level classes. Students will learn 2 pole spins per session with a total of 6 spins for advancement. Spins may also incorporate the silks as well as the pole.


Pole and Silk Tricks and Poses: Intermediate and Advanced

Now that you've developed the art of the invert, you can now diversify your pole fitness portfolio with new and challenging pole inverts, upright tricks, and poses on the pole.  There are many levels of tricks and poses, and you can move through at your own pace.

Inverts: Intermediate and Advanced

This class will allow students to make the connection to more powerful tricks on the pole and silks. It is your gateway to pole fitness advancement! It is offered as an intermediate and advanced level.

Sensual Pole:

Start your week off with falling in love with the woman you are! This upbeat, but sensual class will bring your sexy out, while getting fit and having fun!

Twerk and Tone Intro Pole:

Stop traffic learning the basic spins, climbs and sits, all with sexy dance routine, and get prepared to advance to superior levels of the pole art! Twerk and tone your way fit!

Classic Spins:

Learn 3 spins per classes combining them for a powerful flow! No dance routine, but great toning and flexibility taught alongside during the warm up and cool down

Open Pole/Open HIIT:

A self guided practice time when the studio is open and available for clients to practice and refine their tricks and spins learned in regular classes. This is open to Pole and Silks clients. An instructor is present for safety, but does not teach tricks. This is the BEST tool to help you gain skill and confidence on the pole. Clients who attend Open Pole sessions do wildly successful both in classes and in showcases.

Workshops-Switch it up!

  • Polesque
  • Sexy Heels Choreo
  • Twerk Shops
  • R & B Yoga Flow
  • Dirty Chair
  • Extreme Stretch
  • Pole Doubles
  • Pole Flight with Silks
  • Vertical Conditioning
  • Fantasy Floorwork
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