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Frequently Asked Questions


To Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel or Pause you membership, you must email your request to:

To update credit card or payment information, please call the studio 3 business days prior to your billing date to submit the changes



For general questions NOT relating your membership please email:

How do I Sign up for classes

Go to  click the “Class Schedule” tab

I missed the online sign up window or I am having trouble signing up online, how do I get into class?

Please call the studio at 251.471.9600 and leave a voicemail.


How do I pay for classes?

You may sign up online with a credit card.

Can I drop into classes?

We are unable to allow drop ins. You must prepay in order to be official signed up for the class. If you would prefer to attempt to drop in, you must bring a credit card and ID or exact cash amount to class, and arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time. We are unable to promise you a spot in the class, but hopefully we will!

Can I pay with cash?

You may pay with pre-pay cash, but we are unable to reserve a spot for you in class until the cash is received. We do not take large bills larger than $20


Can I pay my party balance or deposit with cash?

Yes, however you must set an appointment during class times to do so. We are only available in person for transactions before or after scheduled class times. You may check our schedule to find out these times. Please note We do not take large bills larger than $20

You must prepay for you classes online or via phone with a credit card.

I brought a Groupon/ Living Social package. How do I redeem?

Groupon Deals are for “New Customers Only”.

Make Sure you read the fine print polices that are listed.

  • Purchasing Living Social or Groupon Packages:

    • Go to

    • Select: Our schedule

    • Create a profile (if you are a NEW client)

    • Select: My Info, and enter your billing or Credit Card information. Your information is secure, but is required on file to cover late cancels and no shows. There is a $15 for both.

    • Forward the Voucher to the, with first and last name (same as in your account), as well as phone number to make it easy to locate your account

    • Wait 3 Business days and an email with the confirmation that your credits are in your account.

    • You may book your classes pending your email confirmation

    •  If you decide not to take the class, it will be considered as a late cancel and you will be charged a missed business  opportunity fee of $15 as well as forfeit one of your Groupon classes.

    • Please be prepared to arrive early  with your Groupon in order to avoid any issues.

    • Please bring the card that you entered on file as well as a valid government issued ID. This is to protect you from any fraudulent use of your card

Limit 1 per person.
Limit 1 per visit.
Valid only for option purchased.
Reservation required.
24 hour cancellation notice required.
Valid at Dallas location only.
All classes must be used by the same person.

Why do I need a Credit Card on File?

You will be charged a missed business opportunity fee in the event that you late cancel or no call no show for a class or appointment. The fee must be paid in order to attend your next class.

When should I cancel my class without being penalized and charged the missed business opportunity fee?

You must cancel at least 24 hrs prior to your class start time. You may call the studio and leave a voice message, or log in to your Mindbody account and conveniently do so yourself.


What does HIIT mean and what do I wear to class?

High Intensity Interval Training, you may wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes.

What do I wear to pole class?

Comfortable workout clothes, preferably shorts, and either bare feet or in socks. Wedge heels allowed. No high heels

No lingerie or underwear allowed

Make sure you do not wear lotion or other skin moisturizers on class days.


What pole classes should I take and how do I advance in pole?

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze membership holders are able to take Beginner Pole Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced Pole within their membership. 4 pack, 8 pack, and 12pack holders are limited to Beginner Pole Fundamentals; however, package holders are able to take Intermediate and Advanced Pole by paying the regular class price of $20 . It is much more economical and rewarding to sign up for a monthly membership!

Intro Pole=Hello Pole

Level 1= Intermediate Pole

Level 2= Advanced Pole

5 Intro Classes are  recommended to graduate to advance to an upper level workshop. You can advance in pole at any time.

See the schedule for test out class availability.

How can I become a certified teacher?

We hold certification classes 2x per year. We will announce this via email. Please call the studio for details.

At what times is someone from your company physically in the studio for questions or viewing?

We are physically available in the studio during scheduled class and workshop times. Please see our schedule for this information.


How old must I be to attend class?

18 years old, unless accompanied by adult.

What is the age range of women who take classes?

We see clients that range from 18-72 years young!

What happens if I show up late to class?

You risk the chance of losing your spot in the class, as well as a loss of that class.

Can I wear high heels to class or Parties?

To certain classes or workshops that are listed as heel specific, and yes, you may wear them to parties

Will someone from your staff actually call me back if I leave a voicemail?

Yes! we return ALL calls!!!! Promise!

How early must I arrive to class?

You must arrive at least 15 minutes early before class

What is the weight capacity for pole class?

The weight capacity for the poles is 350 lbs

Do you sell poles?

Yes! With your purchase of a pole you also receive a $50 studio credit. Please call the studio for details

Exchange only on un-opened poles.  Please measure your ceilings and width according to the specs that we provided you before ordering your pole. Customer is responsible for all shipping cost including deliveries and returns.

Can men take classes?

At studio's discretion 

Is it required that I tip at parties?

Tips are not mandatory, but are greatly appreciated! Most tips ranged from 15-20% of the total price of the party!

Do you provide décor at parties?

We only provide a table and table cloth, and is the property of Detour.

Do you provide utensils at parties?

No, we do not.

Do we sell Gift Certificates?

Yes! You can purchases gift certificates for friends and families in increments of $15, $25, $50, $75, $100, and $150.  All purchases are non-refundable and non- transferable.

Can I purchase Apparel?

Yes! Call the studio for apparel prices. Apparel is a final sale.

Is the studio Responsible lost and found items left at studio?

DFS is not responsible for items left in our property.

How old must I be to drink alcoholic beverages at a Pole Party?

You must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages. You must Provide ID. We do not serve or sale alcohol.

Can I take photos or videos during class?

Due to Client Privacy, clients are allowed to take photos or record videos during private parties and sessions only.  DFS does NOT take class photos and videos without the express permission of clients.

Can I purchase Online Training?

Yes, When available you may purchase online training at Purchases of Media Series are nonrefundable and non- transferable, Copy right Infringement laws apply.

Does you offer personal training?

Yes, we do offer the BEST personal training. Please call studio for scheduling.

Can I bring my children to class with me?

No. We do not offer child care, but if your child is self contained they are more than welcome to sit in the front area of the studio.

What if I am ill? Should I come to class?

No, No and NO! We do not recommend ill or sick clients to participate in classes. For members however, we will extend a suspension of your services to allow you to recover and get well.  Allowing you to participate is to the discretion of DFS staff. If you have any special medical condition a medical release from your doctor is required



Classes prices and schedule subject to change

Schedule normally remains the same for 6-12 month

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone



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