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Frequently Asked Questions 

Memberships l Purchases I Classes

Membership and Purchase Questions

To Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel or Pause you membership, you must:

Login to your Account and easily cancel on your own or

email your request to:

All purchases are non-refundable, yet fully transferable towards other services within our business. Some exclusions apply.


How to contact us

For general questions please email: or call us at 251-471-9600

How do I Sign up for classes, or book a call?

Go to  click the “Bookings Tab” 

How do I pay for classes?

You may sign up online with a credit card.

When should I cancel my workshop or class if something comes up?

You must cancel at least 4 hrs prior to your class start time. You may call the studio and leave a voice message, or log in to your online account and conveniently do so yourself.

What do I wear to pole class?

Comfortable workout clothes, preferably shorts, and either bare feet or in socks. Feel free to bring Wedge heels or Wedges. 

Make sure you do not wear lotion or other skin moisturizers on class days.

At what times is someone from your company physically in The Lounge for questions or viewing?

We are physically available at the Lounge via appointment only.


How old must I be to attend class?

18 years old, unless accompanied by adult.

What is the age range of women who take classes?

We see clients that range from 18-72 years young!

Will someone from your staff actually call me back if I leave a voicemail?

Yes! we return ALL calls!!!! Promise!

What is the weight capacity for pole class?

The weight capacity for the poles is 350lbs

Can men take classes?

Sure, however at company discretion. Our expertise are the female demographic. 

Do we sell Gift Certificates?

Yes! You can purchases gift certificates on our website.  All purchases are non-refundable and non- transferable

Can I take photos or videos during class?

Due to Client Privacy, clients are allowed to take photos or record videos during private parties and sessions only.  EL does NOT take class photos and videos without the expressed permission of clients.

Can I bring my children to class with me?

Although we do not offer child care, if your child is self contained they are more than welcome to sit in the front area of the lounge and wait for you. 

What if I am ill? Should I come to class?

We do not recommend ill or sick clients to participate in classes. We are happy to  extend your services to allow you to recover and get well. Allowing you to participate is to the discretion of EL staff. If you have any special medical condition a medical release from your doctor is required.



Classes prices and schedule subject to change

Schedule normally remains the same for 6-12 month

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone

All Purchases are non-refundable, yet fully transferable


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