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From Stuck To Unstoppable -  My Story

On November 4, 2021 my world was shaken. My marriage was on the rocks. I went into my marriage counseling session that day thinking that my husband and I would be working things out, but instead I ended up MOVING my things out.

I was devastated, shocked, confused, and felt betrayed. In an instant, my world had constricted and my plans had shifted. In one single hour, I was forced to move back in with my parents, and had to break the news to my young child.

Once the shock wore off, the fear and uncertainty crept in. The holidays and my anniversary were coming close, and I had no idea where my marriage was heading. My ex-husband was in control of the finances, and I had no personal income. I was a stay at home mom for five years after selling my successful business of 10 years, when I got married.

I felt stuck, powerless, and without options.


One night I was at a crossroad, and found myself in a panic. I felt an unbelievable sense of overwhelm, as I thought about everything I had to do to get my life back to where it was when I first got married. I had to be prepared to do it as a single mother, for the second time.


My son was sitting in the living room, watching YouTube videos, and I was running around the house looking for my father's handgun. For the first time in my life I wanted to end it. I remembered as a life coach, I referred clients to the suicide hotline, if they ever found themselves there. So I took my own advice and called. The voice on the other end calmed me, and I knew it was time for me to make a change. 

I knew that I had to remember who I was, dig deep, embrace grace, turn inward, and most of all turn to God!


I decided to become my own client. I built a program for myself, paralleled with God’s promises on my life. I began to feel resilient, empowered, and worthy. I started serve other women with the same concepts and exercises that I had created for myself. I implemented these exercises with my current clients, and they worked. I volunteered my services at a local transition home for women and children, and witnessed the break-throughs that they were having. Little did I know, I entered a messy, uphill journey. But the best part was, it was a journey of rebuilding my life, I was moving again.  I BELIEVED in, and showed up for myself for the FIRST TIME in my life.




This new way of life and belief that I had created, allowed me to take the risk of opening The Empowerment Lounge, learning boudoir photography, creating an app that serves women across the globe, and taking care of myself in a way that wreaked of true confidence! I applied boundaries, self-care, surrounded myself with people who lit the fire of my dreams, leaned into the Holy Spirit. I was dancing through the valley of the shadow of death! 


I had created The Sexy Bold and Unstoppable Signature System! And I would love to tell you more about it in my next Master Class! 


The top questions people I'm asked...

  • How do you rebound after unexpected transition without losing who you are?

  • How can I re-invent myself?

  • How can I be more confident?

  • How do I lose weight, keep it off, and develop healthier habits?

  • And can you teach me how to work the pole?

Most people don’t know that I’m also interested in producing docu-series and short video content, singing, songwriting, and watching film noir! And I have actually sang background for Beyonce Knowles herself!


I’m determined to show up as the best version of myself because to inspire other to do the same.

Secondly, I get totally emerged in the creative process of designing new things for my business and ministry, raising my son, and my work as a coach gives me the freedom to continue to successfully do this. 


And most importantly, I want women to know the true nature of Christ, and how He simply wants us to be ourselves, be loved, be empowered and experience complete joy! 


This is what keeps me focused on my goals!


A Little More About Me


Mom of a Boy!


Figure and Fitness Model


Personal Trainer


Pole Instructor and Studio Owner


Transformation Coach


Health Coach


Involvement in the Community

Proud member of the Mobile Chamber and The Growth Alliance Task Force, advocating with the Chamber for Minority and Women Owned Businesses.

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