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Jacinda Haines

I am Jacinda I live in Mobile, Al. I am a Mother, in my 40's, of Christian Faith, Owner at The Empowerment Lounge, Life & Wellness Coach. I have a unique perspective because I previously successfully created and franchised the first Female Black owned Fitness and Pole Studio in Mobile Al, successfully raised my son as a single parent, survived divorce and started a life changing women’s ministry and Coaching Business. I have also lived in many major major cites in the US: Los Angeles, NYC, Miami Beach, ATL and Dallas, TX!

I've surrendered to the call of being a beacon for women to reframe life's challenges, see and accept themselves as God sees them, and start living again; even if for the first time!

I have done this by overcoming time and time again through courage, self love and aggressive belief in what most would see as impossible!


The top questions people would have for me are...

  • How do you rebound after unexpected transition without losing who you are...

  • How can I re-invent myself

  • How can I be more confident...

  • How do I lose weight, keep it off, and develop healthier habits 

  • And the funniest of all, can you teach me how to work the pole!

Most people don’t know that I’m also interested in producing docu-series and short video content, singing, songwriting, and watching film noir! And I have actually sang background for Beyonce Knowles herself!


I’m determined to show up as the best version of myself because God has given me the grace and confidence to successfully go after everything that I have ever wanted, and I want the same for other women. 


Secondly, I get totally emerged in the creative process of designing new things for my business and ministry, raising my son, and my work as a coach gives me the freedom to continue to successfully do this. 


And most importantly, I want women to know the true nature of Christ, and how He simply wants us to be ourselves, be loved, be empowered and experience complete joy! 


This is what keeps me focused on my goals!


A Little More About Me


Mom of a Boy!


Figure and Fitness Model


Personal Trainer


Pole Instructor and Studio Owner


Transformation Coach


Health Coach


Involvement in the Community

Proud member of the Mobile Chamber and The Growth Alliance Task Force, advocating with the Chamber for Minority and Women Owned Businesses.

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