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Embody Your Sexy....


 with multi-passionate Coach Jacinda Haines



It's More Than Pole

 Sensual Movement is a tool that I use with my coaching to help build and enhance your confidence, get you active, and to actually see and feel your self sexiness!!

Pole is about having fun moving your body, getting curious about and enhancing your sensuality, doing something new and exciting for yourself.


Taking a Pole Dance Class, will not only tone your body, but build confidence, and help you unleash that side of you that is always waiting to sexy, wild, and free!

Why The Empowerment Lounge?

  • To get in some ME-TIME! (You even bring the kiddos we have space)

  • Because my process goes deeper than the pole. You'll receive transformational coaching, to further and deepen your experience pole dance experience, and support moving forward in your self-love journey. 

  • Because of our professionalism, longevity, and integrity bringing pole to the region in 2009 and continuing to evolve based on the emotional and physical needs of women. I have 14 years of experience working with women, there bodies, and their confidence! 

  • Because the Lounge itself is beautiful, relaxing and safe space for you to be comfortable being you.

  • Because I am great at cheering you on, focusing on your strengths, and helping you change the way you see and experiece your body.

Why Pole?

  • To become mindful of your body talk

  • Increase core, upper-body & lower body strength and increase metabolism

  • Increase core, upper-body & lower body strength and increase metabolism

  • To learn the art of sensual movement and dance

  • To embody confidence, and self-esteem and be an inspiration to yourself and other women.

  • To reconnect to your sensual, feminine, and vulnerable self.

  • Most of all, because you can!

Start Your Pole  Journey Now!

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Private Pole Classes

  • 4 Private Pole Sessions $297

  • Expires 60 Days

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