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Love yourself on Valentines Day & become a be a True "Dime Peace"

The number 10 represents completeness or wholeness in the spiritual realm. Hence, the adage "A perfect 10". For example, if a woman who has a an issue with gossip, develops a moral conscience and stops this behavior, she has reached wholeness and has created peace in this once non-serving area of her life. Moreover the bible tells us in 1 John 4:18 says that we are made perfect in love.

Let's look a the term "Dime Piece" as it is used in pop-culture. It supposedly represents the perfect female with a focus on her physical attributes. This is a dangerous place to attempt to place perfection, as it is superficial, cosmetic and evanescent. This is where the perception of the female power begins to take the wrong course; this is the path to the destruction of woman.

So, what id the difference between a "Dime Piece"or Dime Peace"? Simple, it is the renewing of our minds and the perfecting of our souls that make us perfect, or a (Dime) through love. Therefore, you must first learn to love yourself in order to perfect yourself and become whole. It starts from within and has nothing to do with your ever dying physical body, rather your soul. We give too much credit to our physical appearance, and we continue to allow society and men to perpetuate the cycle. Ergo, A perfect Mind is a Perfect TEN!

When you become whole, your are perfected on love and you develop an inner peace that no one can tear down. You have made it to true "Dime Peace", status, instead of a Dime "Piece" of Meat"!

Here are the 10 attributes of a true "Dime Peace"

1. A woman who seeks wholeness and peace rather than acceptance of from world

2. A woman understands, loves and embraces her imperfections.

3. A woman who strives to see that good in all existence

4. A woman who surrenders her struggles to a higher power to use as a tool to help others, rather than tear herself and others down

5. A woman who strives to embrace her authentic self, rather than chase fleeting and unrealistic ideas of what our culture or even an individual says she should be

6. A woman who strives to surrender her every moment to a higher purpose.

7. A woman who finds her strength in being grateful

8. A woman who is forgiving of herself and others

9. And a woman whose spirit seeks and adds light to any situation regardless of ego or emotion

10. A woman who knows her purpose, not career or job, but PURPOSE!

So love yourself this Valentines Day, and take a pole dance class at Detour Fitness Next Month! Here is a promo code for $5 off of a beginner pole fitness class (5OFFCLASS)! Welcome to the "Dime Peace Life" , and welcome to Detour!

Jacinda Haines

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