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6 Ways To "Spring" Back into Fitness - NOW!

Spring is in the air, and I don't know about you, but this is the time that I THRIVE! For years, this has been the time of my life when I embark on my most amazing aspirations. I moved to LA Spring 2001, New York Spring 2005, Miami Spring 2008, and hey, I opened Detour Fitness Spring of 2009! But just before the spring, I hibernate. I chill, relax focus on Yoga rather than intense workout, heck sometimes I do NOTHING! Yep, NOTHING. Trainers are lazy too, HA HA! And I am not a New Years Resolution person, I am more of the "Spring Into Action" type of of girl.

But when I smell the first scent of spring, feel the hint of a warm breeze, and see the days begin to lengthen, I get that "#iwanttobeoutsidefeelingsexywithnoclotheson feeling! SO, that means its time to workout and get healthy to give me the energy and focus to reach my lofty goals!

Here are 6 things that you can do to motivate yourself:

1. Look at Pinterest: Pinterest will give you LIFE! Look at the hairstyles and fashion that you want, and read positive memes.

2. Practice more gratefulness. Begin to thank our Creator and the Universe for all good and not so good in your life. See the purpose in EVERYTHING! I promise you will feel your energy and blessings rise!

3. Do short 15 minute workouts 3-5 per week just to get going. Check out these quick workouts from yours truly!

Online Workouts from Detour

4. Subscribe to and grab a power-girl book from Oprah to listen to. Check out "Wisdom of Sundays" by Oprah Winfrey. Your first book is normally free!

5. Make a smoothie or juice everyday as an effort to be healthy. Do this and the rest of your diet will follow. PROMISE! And if not, at least you will have blessed your body with at least one PERFECT meal per day! Need a Wellness Coach? Here's one:

Wellness Coaching

6. Get around GREAT people. Like the clients and teachers at Detour! Find confidence, have a great time and get an amazing Pole Dance Fitness workout. Here is a great special that we are offering for $44 Unlimited open Pole and 4 Beginner Pole Dance Classes. Girl, give it try. Don't judge yourself nor the workout. SALE ENDS SOON! Classes begin in March!

Click the link below:

Thanks for Reading!

Jay :)

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