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3 ways that plus size woman are taking over pole

I am so inspired when my plus size girls walk into Detour Fitness with there knees shaking and walking out strutting with two snaps in a circle! They walk in with limiting beliefs and leave out aspiring to be pole instructors and pole competitors. There are so many physical and emotional benefits to NOT WAITING until you lose the weight to begin the pole fitness journey. And certainly don't tell yourself that you can't. Here are 3 ways curvy Diva's are taking over pole:

1. Starting Pole at your heaviest weight makes the more challenging levels of pole easier. So as you move up, and get stronger you will be knocking out those tricks like Layla Ali.

2. You burn more calories! The more you weigh the more calories you burn. The heavier person will burn more calories doing the same activities as a lighter person.

3. Plus size competitions are growing over the pole fitness industry, defying what people THINK about the industry standard. Like this one in Jackson Ms.

We will be training plus size women in the Gulf Coast area to enter this competition! You can enter online, but spots are limited. Look out for emails this week for the Detour Fitness training schedule for the KISS MY CURVES pole fitness competition!

Remember, we limit our creator, by limiting ourselves! Aim high, and do something different at Detour Fitness Studios!

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