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4 powerful yet relaxing things to do before you fall asleep tonight

The day is done, dinners put away, the family is curled up on the sofa you may be asking yourself did I accomplish all that I should have? It's another Monday, another week and I just want to get through it and feel as though I matter, life matters and what I want matters. Well I am here to tell you that it does sister!

It matters because you - YOU the woman with the eyes reading this. As I type this tonight...I am thinking of you! And I believe you are like me, and want to feel the sense of purpose constantly in your every moment. And I must confess, I have and do feel that feeling. And I tell you it's a spiritual, mental and physical HIGH!

But at times I grow weary and EVERYTHING is effected. I have no motivation to workout, get up, eat right, think right or even dream big. And it often happens when I get attached to an outcome that I had in mind, that did not quite work out the way I planned. So rather than go to sleep feeling guilty and beat down, I do these 4 things:

1. Read the prayer of serenity. This is a prayer for anyone. The Spiritual or Religious...It lets you know that it's just OK, and that is not THAT serious! Prayer of Serenity

2. Positive self talk. Get up and look in the mirror and say " I am a gift, and what I gave today is all that the world needed "nothing more nothing less.

3. Get some self care. Go tell someone, anyone in your household to massage your head, neck or shoulders for a minimum of 1 minute. Or if you are alone, text someone and ask that they tell you 3 good qualities about your self. And you do the same for them!

4. Take power action. Plan to do something for yourself like take a pole class at Detour this Thursday night or next Saturday morning. Here is a 2 for $24 link, a class for you and a friend!

Sweet dreams ladies...thanks for reading. Now get off your phone and get to it! It's not too late yet, as soon as I hit send, I am doing this myself!



Detour ;-)

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