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Freedom in your authenticity - Happy MLK Day!

Things happen in life that can quickly mute our voices, put out our fires, and dim our lights. It can be mental or physical abuse, missed opportunities, someone telling us that we are not enough, weight gain or losing a support system that we deem as vital to our being. These instances can unfortunately put us on an often dark journey to simply attempt to find our way back to the happiness, knowingness and pure innocence of our authentic and true selves, where our personal power lives.

We began to ask, what have I become? Who am I ? We began to feel limited, powerless and unworthy. We began to build a rapport with ourselves that is far from the truth of who we are, which becomes difficult to trust and impossible for others to trust. We become mis-understood, isolated, fearful. We began to judge ourselves because we don’t approve of who we have become, and we judge others because we have lost the ability and courage to love and accept ourselves, yet alone another person. Now, we are no longer free. We have lost the freedom to just wake up every day and just live, dream and love. We are to busy trying to find our way back. Rev. MLK had a dream for that African Americans to find our way back to the integrity of who we are authentically as a race, and I died do in it! We are a strong, smart talented and loving people, and he wanted us to hold that space for ourselves. Moreover, he peacefully offered others to see it as well, and we honour him for that. Lets give a moment of silence now......

Now, on this day of freedom, I ask you to be willing to die to find the freedom of your true authenticity. And when I say die, I mean let our egos, fears, regrets and worries simply die, and have the courage to stand for who you KNOW you are regardless of what has or has not happened. Freedom from past relationship that did not work, or freedom form the relationship that we so want to have, Freedom from the way our bodies used to look, or how we wished they looked. Freedom from regret of the job that we did not get, or lost, or the money that we have not yet made. Freedom from feeling like its too late, or I’m too old or not intelligent enough.

Are you ready to be free to be Authentic? Now I am going to show you 3 ways to do this:

  • Practice Forgiveness and Grace: We must be delicate with ourselves in order to practice forgiveness and grace with others. Think of grace as your favourite aunt that you could talk to when you were feeling under the fire with your parents or a tough situation. She was the one who understood you and could get on your level, and see things how you saw it. She could also get you to see things from another persons perspective. She calmed you, and let you know that you are ok. That is grace. Grace means that what you did, whatever happened, and who you are is OK.

  • Practice Gratefulness: Happiness take practice, and its easy to be happy when we are genuinely thankful for something. Gratefulness turns the dial up on our happy meter like magic! Try it. Grab some index cards and write down the things that you are most grateful for and read them aloud when you get up in the morning, before you go to sleep and on your lunch break so that you can get through the second half of your day! lol

  • Practice Being Present: Most of our stuck-ness lies in the regrets of our past and the lack of control that we have of the future. We have ZERO POWER in those to places. Or power resides in the NOW. The present moment. Our abundance, abilities and availability live RIGHT THERE! No where else, I promise. I looked…many times and for many years…it’s not there! This is probably one of the hardest areas to tackle, which is why it is the most important. So how do we do this? When we are in our heads about something negative, just stop, breath and notice anything about whats happening in-front of you. A smell, hopefully a good one lol! A ring on your finger or even sensation good or bad - in your body. My neck is often tense so that is easy for me! I digress. A great book to help youth this is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I can help you get unstuck and free so that you can get back to being the YOU that YOU know that you were put on this earth to be, and to experience that abundant, fun, life full of love, joy acceptance and POWER! SO schedule a BREAK- THROUGH Session with me now, to uncover what's stopping you, slowing you down or getting in the way of you being FREE TO BE THE MOST AMAZING YOU!

Like Dr. Martin Luther King JR, I have a dream. I have a dream the YOU and I can be truly authentically happy, accepted and FREE!

What to do next :

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Cheers to your freedom!

Jacinda Haines


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