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Hey Girlfriend, are you a Perfectionist?

Of the many things women are up against, one of them is surely PERFECTIONISM. It is a great trait because of its intention, but it has been in my spirit to speak on this since this past Sunday.

God put it in my spirit that he wants me to set standards rather than aim for perfection; and to share this message with you.

Quick Story

Last night, we had to take our son to the ER. He had an unexpected allergic reaction to Sunflower seeds - BUT, He is OK! Moreover, it is Wednesday and this was the week that I had planned to KILL-IT in business, home, life, self name it! I was going to be on top of it!

Well so far this week, it hasn't gone that way. Labor Day was spent at my parents which set me behind on Tuesday, and Tuesday night Cj got sick, which set me back today. I got him to school late, which threw my day COMPLETELY OFF! (In my mind of course).

When I got back home, I saw that the house was a complete wreck, I had not eaten and it's now 11 AM, and there was throw up waiting to be cleaned up from yesterday! The enemy tried to creep in and tell me all of these awful thoughts about my demise as a health coach.

Limiting Beliefs

"It will never be the same, you are mom and wife now"

" Time is no longer in your side"

"You will never be as successful as you were with Detour"

"Your Season is over"

"You have to clean up this house before you do anything"

"Something is going to come up tomorrow and the next day and the next"

"This new career as a Health and Life coach is a Joke"

"It's over, you should have never closed Detour to try something new"

Have you guys ever had those thoughts? I KNOW you have!

When you want to start a new career, attract the right relationship, start eating healthy or working out, the enemy or the Ego as we call it in health coaching, starts to scream limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.

Well, this morning I started speaking what God's word and affirming a more positive mindset instead.


Despite all these things, I am more than a conquerer through him who loves me" Romans 8:37

Immediately, those thoughts disappeared and my perfectionism went away. I looked at the mess in front of me as well as the one building up in my head, and said I am no longer waiting on perfection. Trying to achieve something that only God has the power to do.

I walked back into my office, in gratitude and said this is the perfect opportunity to share something that I am inspired to share. Something unplanned and that all women need to hear!

I set 3 new standards:


Be grateful, and do what you are inspired to do, rather than what you think you ought to be doing! This was the peaceful spirit of God leading me and calming me.

2.Give God his job back:

All things are made "perfect" in love. God is love. So be loving to yourself. 1 John 4:18

3.Trust the peace within:

Once you do the first two, you must surrender so what you want to accomplish can be made manifest through you faithfulness to the process.

How to experience letting go of Perfectionism on the Pole!!!

So, I do these Pole Empowerment Parties where we have a ton of fun on the pole, do some sensual chair...then we strip away the limiting beliefs (like the ones that you heard me rattle off) LOL! These are the things that tend to hold us back in life if we don't captivate and release them.

I invite you to experience this for yourself with your friends for any occasion.

I also host a monthly party at the studio, and you can drop in to that as well! Click Below:

The take away here is don't strive for perfection. It brings stress and will only lead to discontentment and frustration. Perfectionism is God's job, if we can surrender.

Set loving standards for yourself!

Thank you for your time!

P.S Here is my free Ebook on how to lose weight when nothing is working!

In health and love, your sis...

Jacinda Haines Norwood


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