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If Only Health Were Contagious

Firstly, start the video at about 4 mins to get past me playing around LOL....

I heard a good word from Joyce Meyer the other day and she spoke about how Holiness is Not Contagious, but Un-holiness is. Those of you who are interested in this scripture reading, here is the reference: Haggai 2:11

But she began to relate it to health and I thought it was interesting and true. Basically, If I cough and sneeze, you are likely to catch my Flu and get sick. However, if I eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle, you can't catch that. It is a choice that you have to make!

I thought this was BRILLIANT, so I did a Face book live about it and wanted to drop you a few lines to encourage you to CHOOSE health!

I also want to emphasise that health is not limited to the body, but, our hearts, minds and even areas like our finances. I heard a wise person say recently that we are the average of the 5 people that we spend the most time with.

So the question today is, in what ways are you going to choose health today?

It may be:

  • drinking more water

  • eating more whole foods

  • walking more

  • getting more sleep

  • watching less Tv and smart phone usage

  • praying and meditating more

Well I have a very fun, inexpensive life changing way that you can choose health rather hoping that someone sneezes health on you LOL!

It is my 21 Day Reboot Cleanse For $21! It a simple whole foods eating plan. Its like a Reset or a New beginning for your body! The absolute best way to Jumpstart a diet or any New in your life!

  • You will lose excess weight

  • Reboot your energy

  • Gain more clarity and focus

  • Over-come and understand cravings

  • Get better Digestion

Because you are reading this email, you will receive $5 off, so it only $16!

The reason that it is so affordable is because I was able to take out the middle-man (Me) and put in a virtual online form.

Check out the link below to read testimonials and to get started for just $16 TODAY!

Use Promo Code: 5OFFCLEANSE (Ends Friday!)

Your Coach....Your girl,

Jacinda Haines Norwood

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