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1 way to eat cleaner & is it really more expensive?

When I speak to most women who want to transition into a healthy lifestyle, one harmonious belief is that it is too expensive. This is truly a relative statement based on one’s values, and my goal as a health coach is to help you to prioritize your health and bust that myth!

Eating healthy can be most intimidating when you don’t know how, and moreover when you don't fully understand the benefits of the making the transition.

For instance, when I started back getting my nails done again, I had to figure out what style manicure to get, I had the choice of getting Gel nails, classic polish or SNS nails. Classic Polish and Gel Nails are cheaper on the front end, but more expensive on the back end. They chip easily and I am back within a week, going through the same process, spending more money, waisting precious time.

However, SNS was more expensive, but lasted longer, rarely chips is a much healthier choice for your nails.

So moral to the story is that this is the same philosophy that can be applied to choosing to eat healthy!

So I did a little facebook Live Video comparison on the benefits of choosing to eat higher quality, less toxic and unhealthy foods, verses risking your energy, health and quality of life to save a few bucks!

Check out the Below video and also try my "New You Cleanse" to Jumpstart your clean eating regimen in a guided and affordable way!

  • You will Loose Excess Weight

  • Boost

  • Energy

  • Gain Clarity

  • Kick Cravings

  • Better Digestion

21 day Cleanse for $21 (receive $5 off with promo code) Just for being on my email list!

Use Promo Code: 5offcleanse

Thanks for watching!

In Health and in Love,

Jacinda Haines-Norwood


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