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Empowered v's fearful action

Ok! This is a juicy topic and a game changer. As a coach, I often refer to your "COME FROM" or "WHO WE ARE BEING" when we take ACTION. Here is another example: If you are planting a garden, we know that if we plant on fertile soil, rather than rocks and sand, it will produce a plentiful harvest.

The same concept applies when we are taking action from an Empowered rather then Fearful place.

When we take action from a fearful, desperate and anxious place, it births and produces more cycles fear. We experience more hardships, more problems and then you look back, and it seems you have waisted 10-15-20 years, at a job, with a man, and in the wrong city!!! LOL... Amen?

When we take action from an Empowered Place; a place of patience, peace, Divine guidance, boundaries and the inner knowings of the Holy Spirit and the Power of God, the harvest is abundant and the experience will leave you constantly in a place of AWE!

Most of my life, I have probably taken more action from a fearful come-from rather than an empowered place. And I confess, hands down, Empowered Action is the sweet spot! Yes, it requires a lot of faith, but hey, if I am going to be a risk taker, I will take one in Christ and from a place of peace!

So...I leave you with this: Think about certain areas in your life life, and where you have taken Fearful Action, rather than Empowered Action and begin the process of forgiving yourself for the fearful "come from" and begin to ask God to lead you into Empowered, peaceful and abundant action, rather than desperate, busy, anxious's never too late! Less Hustle, More Flow is the key.

If you are ready to move into 2020 Empowered rather than fearful, please join me at my New Orleans New Year New You Retreat: Less Fear More Fun. Game and Life Changer! Spots filling up FAST!

At the LaBelle Maison Resort

January 2-5 2020

With Love,

Jacinda Haines-Norwood

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