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Happy Self-Love And Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my sexy, bold, and confident friends! Today is about hearts, candy, flowers, cards and expressions of love. I hope that you receive more than your heart can hold!

I want to share with you the best way to offer the same type of love for yourself. It is a term that we toss around freely, but there is only one way t to do it. And that is Self-Love through healthy boundaries with yourself FIRST,☝🏽based on our core values!

Self-love begins with HEALTHY personal boundaries, and ends with UNHEALTHY personal boundaries. We think that we need to set boundaries with the outside world by telling people how they can and cannot treat us. But actually, this starts with how we treat ourselves. Once we end the unhealthy and toxic relationship with ourselves, the world will follow. The respect will manifest and reflect.

What does it mean to end a toxic relationship with yourself, and set healthy boundaries? It means that we begin saying and meaning - "enough's enough"!

Enough's enough of:

  • Body shaming ourselves

  • Not making that BIG move that we wanted to make

  • Negative self talk

  • Eating unhealthy

  • Not working out perhaps or moving your body

  • Dating people or remaining powerless and unhappy in any kind of relationship with people who don't make us feel that great

  • Spending our money un-wisely

  • Not having a spiritual life

  • Not standing up for yourself

  • Codependent on whatever or whomever

List can go on and on….

Thank goodness setting healthy boundaries with one's self doesn't mean that these unwanted experiences will end immediately. There will be steps that we may have to take to learn to step into this better version of ourselves. It's a wonderful, endless, and ever satiating journey of upping our inner-game! And when the decision is made, your new life begins!

Maybe you want to say "enough is enough" of body shaming yourself, or waiting until you get to a certain size to date, wear certain clothes that know you love, or to do a boudoir photo shoot.

Let's just set up a free consultation and chat.

Or maybe it's something like this...

"enough is enough" of not moving or exercising, or you have been dying to take a pole dance class; go ahead and take one. Or maybe you just need someone to help you unpack, and move towards the things that you want; like over-coming fears and limiting beliefs, or taking that BIG leap. This package has it all !

Get the $49 Get Sexy Start Up Today:

  • 1 Pole Class

  • 1 Coaching Call

  • $50 Boudoir Credit

Also, please join my Facebook Group for everyday tips, a community of like- minded women, and support on being Sexy, Bold, and Confident! I offer exclusive classes and workshops as well! So join!


Listen Girl, where ever you are, I wish you nothing but the best. And I may not know you personally, but I do love you sis! 😘

Happy Valentine's Day, and hope to see you in a lounge or on a call soon!

Jacinda 😉

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