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Having What You Desire in 2023

Having what you desire, is fueled by belief and intention. When you open your mouth, and say what you want, do you really and truly believe it? Or does it sound good coming out of our mouths? Do we rely on the facebook post where our friends cheer us on, or the books we've read that show us how, but never fulfill our dreams for us? Outside forces can help us along the way, but our beliefs and intentions are the true way to manifesting our God given desires in a way that is sustainable, believable, inspiring, and a blessing for ourselves, the world, and future generations that we effect.

In my very first podcast episode, I will share with you and amazing exercise that has changed my life and the lives of many of my clients. I will share my story, and invite you to complete this exercise.

This episode is important because I am reclaiming my identity as a woman who can at least try, as I lost her somehow along the way, and stopped believing in myself; questioning everything that I set my mind to for the past 8 years. I am finally launching my Podcast after many ridiculous excuses! Oh, where would I be if I had done this sooner.

I want the best for you woman. I really do! I love to see women truly overcome the challenges of fear, self-doubt, having what they want, and knowing who they are.

So check-out this episode and complete the exercise so that you can start this year off ahead of the game mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Season1- Episode1

  • Find out what is being mirrored back at you that you no longer want

  • Find out what belief you have been secretly carry around in your bag about the world that has been holding you back

Happy New Year! Be safe, sexy, bold and confident! 🥂🎉😘

Jacinda :)

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