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Is it Good?

When God made the heavens and the Earth, I thought is very important to highlight that he "Saw that it was good" before he moved on to the next thing, and he also rested after all of his toil.

When I read this, I had to ask myself, when is the last time have I considered "Is It Good" before I moved, into or onto the next "thing"?

I consider myself to be a likeable, creative, attractive and a visionary type of girl. So I always had a person, thought or idea in my path or on my mind. I was always caught up with something or someone without considering "If it was good " from God's standard. So let's just say that I created my 7 days, doing things my way, without (like God) considering "if it was good " before moving on creating the next thing, and certainly not resting.

If you read the creation story, you will see how God considered so much before he moved on to creating the next day. And he made a beautiful, awe inspiring and brilliant world.

He considered:

  • How things works together

  • How they served a purpose for each other

  • He was particular about the how and the why

  • He was particular about the long term effects

  • And he was particular about how WE, is BEST creation would fit in.....

Tonight we will discuss this and how this applies to our lives.

  • Being Purposeful

  • Making sure its good

  • Then resting

See you TONIGHT in the Fearless Women's Girl Talk and Bible Study in the privacy our your own space! And YES, invite your girlfriend is you feel they can use this message and discussion :)

@ 7:30 PM Central

Click here to Join via ZOOM @ 7:30 PM

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