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The Beautiful Fire Of Change

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

I am so excited about this topic. It is one that I have been wanting to discuss for over a year. It is about spiritual and biological ecology. Complete transformation happens to the land after a forrest fire, so let's discuss how this applies to our own lives.

I took a biology class a couple of years ago, and we were studying eco-systems and how forrest fires are actually great for replenishing land, although great loss is experienced as well. Then, as I was studying for my coaching certification, we studied about psychological eco-systems (ecology). Our experiences are determined by our beliefs, and I beliefs come from our ecology. Our ecology is basically the environment that we grew up in.

The Good

A forrest fire releases new seeds, clears dead trees and competing vegetation so new plants to grow, returns nutrients to soil, removes weak and disease ridden trees, keeps plants thin and open to allow more space and sunlight and overall IMPROVES the wildlife habitat.

How This Applies To our Lives

This directly applies to our lives as we allow God to create fire to PURIFY our hearts and minds from ANYTHING competing with God. He clears away all the disease ridden, dead parts of our lives creating more peace, sunlight, space and fertile soil for growth. And I love this part; There is an over-all improvement of wildlife. This means that our lives and the lives of the people around us will improve as well!

The Bad (but not really so bad)

A forrest fire destroys and can burn so intently, that they can hurt or destroy well established trees, charr soils, create landslides, damaging homes and create smoke that can irritate respiratory systems.

How This Applies To Our Lives

We all know that change hurts. We have to let go of well established habits and strongholds that have taken root in our lives. Removing them may feel like and uncontrollable landslide. It won't feel good and some people may feel hurt and confused by our moving on and letting go.

My Experience

There is an ever burning forrest fire going on in my life. And I welcome it. I have had to let go of well established love relationships, my business, my timing and strategy, and old ways of treating people. I have had to navigate a divorce, a new business and ministry with and whole new timetable of being a single-mom. There were many things competing with God in my old forest and letting them go was a struggle. I am still letting go as we speak. Some things God has just repurposed, as he says old things will become new; like my relationship with you! ;)

I love my life SO SO much more, and my faith and confidence in Christ grows daily. My values and priorities have changed. My life is less chaotic, yet more abundant. I do less, yet create and live more. It's awesome. My land is much more fertile.

If you are on the path to change and you sense the fire burning in your life, I encourage you to let it burn and resist temptation of holding on. Get curious and prayerful about the parts of your forrest that you are afraid to let go of. Moreover join the Sexy, Bold & Unstuck Workshop for support, accountability, and the right steps in the right order for your personal transformation.

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Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away . behold, all tinged have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

"Every moment, the world and we are renewed"~Rumi

Your Sis,

Jacinda Haines


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