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Reaching Your Goals Through Transcendence

According to google, Spiritual transcendence refers to a perceived experience of the sacred that affects one's self-perception, feelings, goals, and ability to transcend one's difficulties.

That means offering our goals, dreams, and desires to something bigger than ourselves. We live in humanness and in limited capacity. So that means we will always find a reason that we can't, don't have time, unworthiness, or just don't know how. Even when we are trying out best!

Transcendence opens us up to an unlimited ability to have the lives, goals and desires that are calling in our hearts, and to have a hopeful attitude as we pursue them.

In tonight's Unstuck Workshop at the Empowerment lounge, and on today's Sexy Bold & Confident Podcast episode, I talk about and breakdown transcendence and three ways to do it!

Step #1 - make your goals go beyond you.

Step #2 - focus by leaning in mentally, not always doing.

Step #3 - surround yourself with like-minded people. I mean REALLY like-minded.

Click Below to Listen!

Sign - Up For Tonight's Workshop @ 6:15 PM

See you soon, and God Bless!


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