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Series:10 Reasons to do a Boudoir

Reason number #1! Because you will thank yourself in 20 years for capturing and preserving your beautiful body, while reminding yourself of your power, strength, and BOLDNESS!

Can you imagine opening up your very own boudoir album 10-20 years from now with NO REGRETS? The big smile on your face, perhaps the tears in your eyes, looking at yourself saying WOW- I did that!🥹 Maybe even showing a sneak peak to the grand-gals, and inspiring your daughters to do the same? To not body shame, to love themselves, and to celebrate their natural God given beauty in a positive way?

This blog post will not be long. I will let the photo say the rest!

Meet Amanda. A beautiful woman in her forties who walked in to the Empowerment Lounge and said, Hey - I want to do a Boudior Session for me. When is your next available?

Booking for September Now. 2 Slots left for August!

$100 off the MAX BOUDOIR SHOOT for booking this month!


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