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Taking Your Power Back Is a Sexy Thing

What does it mean to take your power back?

Is it a mean thing, an angry thing, are you showing someone something, or proving a point? It’s actually non of the above. It’s soft, it’s sensual, and it’s sexy. It’s just a shift in your thinking and being.

Taking your power back means that you are steadfast and confident in your beliefs and actions. You are unshakable and unmovable. This does not mean that you are perfect, or have it all together, it simply means that you know and respect who you are. You have emotional regulation, through the spirit of self-control! And that - my friend, is sexy!

Taking your power back requires embodying every part of your senses, and having a strong knowledge of what you’re about, who you are, your values, how you react, and present yourself to the world.

Taking your Power back means that you have the wisdom and awareness that you are the source of great power and a wonderful gift just as your loving, humble and sensual self. So how do you take tap into your sexiness, and take your power back from anything or anyone that may be controlling you in someway?

You can start with the core value of BOLDNESS!

Boldness is saying yes to self or enough is enough!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF (a few things that come to mind):

  • Weak Boundaries - Work on being assertive with yourself and others about your true loving desires.

  • Habits that keep you stuck - Work on developing self-control to up-hold and protect your values.

  • Negative self talk - Get in the habit of saying positive things about yourself, even if you don't mean it yet. You will. Or have your best friend, or ME tell you how fabulous you are. Work with me and I will make you feel like and remind you of the insanely dope women that you are! ;-)

  • Fear - Oh Gosh That word... Find out what's underneath this feeling and tackle what's really going on. I can help you unpack that in a coaching session!

  • Procrastination - Find out what your true desires are and walk in them. I promise you won't procrastinate in those!

  • Waiting until my body or my situation looks a certain way until I can celebrate or enjoy myself - PLEASE understand that you are wonderful just the way you are. We can always improve on anything, but we will never be perfect! What is Perfect? Healing and joy exist in the moment. Later is not promised, and God wants you to enjoy and appreciate your beautiful life and self now. Be faithful to that, and you will be truly blessed. Book a boudoir session with me, and you'll leave the most fabulous woman on the planet NOW!

  • Staying in relationships with something or someone that is not aligned with your spirit- - Ok um, this takes self-love, boundaries, core-value work, self-worth work, but it CAN an MUST be done in order to a have a powerful, joyful and full life. I would love to help you with this, as I just transitioned from divorce. This isn't limited t o relationships. This could be a career, food or a mindset. I am the transition queen. I think God anointed me for that LOL!

Listen, your power lies in you being in agreement with what God says about you. “ You are fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:13-14

So here are three ways that you can make some bold moves, and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK:

  1. Book a boudoir session to celebrate and embody the power of your beautiful body right now! Only Three Sessions left for Christmas Mini Sessions !!!! I will make you look and feel unbelievable!

  • Click the link below

  • Scroll to the middle of the page

  • Fill out and submit the "request to book your boudoir" form and I will reach out to you.

2. Get your feet wet and Boldly Sign Up for the Sexy Bold and Confident Start-up for the New Year:

  • 1 Life Coaching Session (Powerful Discovery Call with me)

  • 1 45 Minute Sensual Pole Session

  • $50 Boudoir Credit

3. Start your 2023 off right, level up, and take back your power with group coaching, accountability, and leveling up your life:

  • Get the right steps in the right order

  • Support and accountability you need

  • The loving nudge you may need if you fall of track with your life or health goals from your's truly - your personal coach: $49 per month (2 Sessions)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to working with you personally as a coach, on the pole or with my camera to help you take back and harness your power!

In Sisterly Love,


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