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The Power Of Setting Intentions

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Today, I want to talk about the importance of setting intentions. Setting intentions keeps us:

  • Focused

  • Authentic

  • You get what you want (Empowered)

I like to think of intentions, as a way of manifesting a desired outcome or experience, rather.

Let me give you an example of them extremely misaligned intention that I had when I got married, which ended in divorce in five years!😬

When I look back, me and my former husband met out of desperation. He was desperate not to be alone, and I was desperate to find someone to validate me. I overlooked all the red flags, 🚩 and gave up everything that I owned, closed my business of 10 years, and moved quickly into a marriage out of desperation. He sold me a dream, and I sold him a dream. We both sold each other the dream, that we could complete each other. When it is God only they complete a marriage marriage.

He controlled me by taking care of me financially – (which I did not need). I gave up everything my house, my business, my friends when I got married. And I controlled him by being somebody for him to be around and not feel lonely. He told me before we got married, he was afraid of being alone. And at that point in my life, I wasn’t able to hear that like I hear that statement now. That to me now it’s a huge red flag!

So we both got the intentions that we wanted. And those unhealthy intentions are what ended our marriage. The next time I approach marriage, my intentions will to be with someone interdependently rather than co-dependently, as we both would be co-depend on God.

And that’s a subject for another day!

Here is Another example of a client of mine:

On a recent session with one of my amazing clients. I’m so proud of her, she really does the work. But sometimes because we’re human we get still get stuck.

She is a fabulous woman who has grown an amazing business online in two years. She recently went through a financial hardship with her business, and she decided to get a full-time job. The full-time job is killing her. Her business, thank God, is back to flourishing, but she’s afraid to let go of the job right now because it represents stability for her. And I truly empathize with her!

The day job is giving her complete hell. It’s confusing, it’s taxing, she’s not interested in it, and it doesn’t light her up, and it’s taking a physical toll on her. She’s afraid to leave. Why? Because her intentions when she got that job, we’re out of fear, scarcity, panic, confusion, and desperation.

So the experience that she’s having in that job, and about that job as a whole, is mirroring

that initial intention of fear, panic, desperation, scarcity, and confusion.

I’m going to help her, take the steps to have the courage and sense of empowerment to leave that job and step back into her business fully where she feels lit up - as she says.

She and I are going to do this by setting intentions as she sets out on the path to leave this job. Her new intention will hopefully be to exit this day job with her life set up, so that she never has to consider doing this again. I will give her the right steps in the right order, the support and accountability that she needs to make this happen. And she will never go back to a day job again because she won’t intend to!

Intentions are very important when are having difficult conversations. It’s important to know exactly what we want the other person to hear or know. When we want to open a business, when we want to discipline our children, or communicate something to them. It is important that we set intentions even when we are purchasing something, or when we are starting a new workout routine, or changing our health and lifestyle. Ask yourself, Am I doing this for someone else, or am I doing this for my health and empowerment. Our results directly reflect in our intention. If you set out on a weight loss journey to please the outside world, someone else, or social media, your entire process will always be based on their approval, and you will never reach your desired goals in a healthy and empowered way, because you can never satisfy the outside world. And that’s where self-love comes in. You set an intention of self love, Health, and empowerment for YOU – for your temple and that is all.

This way we stay focused, we stay aligned with our core values, which means we are operating in our full authenticity, and we pretty much get what we want, and have the experiences that we want to have.

So here are 3 ways to set intentions:

  1. Take a look at your core values. This way you stay in integrity with who you are as a person.

  2. Write down your intentions, based on your core values or what you want.Do a mental rehearsal.

  3. Visualize yourself going through each step, saying every word, making every decision, slowing down, whatever it takes for you to get to your end result. And then, see your end result…imagine yourself already having the result…see what clothes you have on…how you feel… what you were wearing and how empowered you are!

My personal intention life is to "delight in the Lord and to please Him with my every action.

What are yours?

You can start to take control of who you are being, to make your experiences much better. So go ahead and start being intentional about your life so that you can remain focused, authentic, and have experiences that you want!

We will talk about and work on setting intentions in tomorrow's Sexy, Bold, and Unstuck Workshop! So Sign Up Below! 👇🏾

See you tomorrow night as we deep dive into intentions!

See you manana,

Jacinda 😘

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Proofreading is a must

Jacinda Haines
Jacinda Haines
25 mai 2023
En réponse à

Thanks for reading! But I let go of perfection! As long as my readers get the gist ❤️

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