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The Free and the Brave Woman

Yesterday, America celebrated it's independence from Great Britain. We get together and eat barbecue, pop fire-works, and take the day off! I actually celebrated with pool party at my brother's home. But I got to thinking, how do we as women we liberate ourselves from the prisons of our minds and the control of our negative self talk? Who holds the key to our fire-works, pool parties and good times in our minds?

The answer is inside of us. We hold the key. And it takes a brave and courageous woman to open the door.

Who have you given your key to?

YOUR BEAUTY - Most of us have given the key to our beauty to the "eye of the beholder", allowing an outside view or opinion to determine whether you are attractive, acceptable and beautiful.

YOUR PASSIONS - Others have given the key to their passions and dreams, to disappointments, regrets, life circumstances, and even to the legacies of our family of origin.

YOUR AUTHENTICITY - Many women have handed over their sense of self to motherhood, career and marriage.

YOUR SELF WORTH - A vast majority of women have handed over the key to their self worth to life's circumstances that tend to rob us of our value, or people who simply don't see our value.

How to take back the key to your FREEDOM?

Your bravery and courage to identify your values, set healthy boundaries, and began the process of self-love and respect for yourself, will automatically place the keys of mental and emotional freedom and confidence back into your hands. You will began to enjoy and experience your life to the full potential of your God given birthright.

Your bravery is housed in your Centered Self. And your centered self consist of the following values and attributes:

  • Calmness

  • Confidence

  • Curiosity

  • Clarity

  • Compassion

  • Creativity

  • Courage

  • Connection

When you tap into and operate from your Centered Self, you can conquer:

  • Fear with Courage

  • Comparison with Compassion

  • Professional Un-fulfillment with Creativity

  • Emptiness with Connection

.....and the list goes on

Help Getting Centered

Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a series on operating from our centered selves. It will be life changing renewal of your mind. You will learn take your power back, and confidently, yet gracefully walk through life again, or for the first time. The first step is to download the WEB VERSION of my app today, to participate. It will be in the App stores soon 🎉

👇🏾 Download now and save the webpage to your home screen!

Have a lovely day and I look forward to working with you,

Jacinda 😘

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