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Detour Fitness = Happiness


My experience at Detour Fitness has been amazing.  The instructors are awesome!!!


I decided to sign up with a friend to take pole classes and vertical conditioning.  It was actually a package that allowed me to dabble into all the classes they offer at Detour.  My thinking, at the time, was it will be fun, something I've never done before, and if I get exercise out of it, that will be a bonus.  Well, it has been all that and more.  At the first class, I could barely lift myself off the ground much less understand the mechanics of how to do a spin; let the record show that I am not the most graceful person. So, guess what?  Now I can climb the pole, spin to my heart’s content and more.  You find physical strength you never knew you had and have fun while doing it.  Everyone is very positive and encouraging and I have made some great friends with both instructors and participants.  We hang out after class sometimes which is cool because our ages range from 20s to 50s.  We really have a great time.


Soooo, then I decided to dabble into the spin, box, fit classes and WOW!!! I’m glad I did.  You really move your bootay in this class.  Working through a mixture of different workout stations is awesome because I get a total workout without a ton of crazy equipment that I have no idea how to use and in only 50 minutes, BAM!! I am done.  It has been a great challenge with really good results if I may say so myself (flexing arms haha).  Oh btw, it has only made my pole classes better.


With my experience so far at Detour, I decided to take things one step further.  Again, just saying, I am not "that girl" meaning I don't consider myself a person that would ever train but merely just run and exercise some to stay healthy.  However, I decided to take on personal training with Jacinda.  I've just started so I'll have to get back on this one but I can tell you that I already have a meal plan, I know where my body is from the body composition analysis that was given to me and we will be working together for 12 weeks.  I can't wait to see what I am made of on the inside just as much as I want to see what I’ll look like on the outside.  This will be a fabulous journey and I am looking forward to it.


I love having a place to work out with other girls/ladies; you know something that is just for us to help us be the best and most confident women that we can be (did I mention fun haha).  Even on days when I am tired and want to just crash on the couch (I have a crazy busy schedule), I still go and when the class is over, I feel so much better and I feel happy.  This is for me….this is something that is mine all mine!!!  I am enjoying my time at Detour and look forward to meeting new people in the future.


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