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Less Fear, More Fun

  • Completely eliminate fears and feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy, so that you can step into the your calling and FINALLY SAY YES to your Goddess within and your Divine Diva!

  • Learn the keys to having success in Life with Less Hustle, More Flow 

  • Confidently recognize, trust and hear God's Voice through Meditation, Mindfulness and take home Intuitive exercises

  • Begin to have more fun in life, by expressing your passions rather than your fears. Starting with our Retreat Pole Empowerment Party as we strip away limiting beliefs and embrace our best and highest selves!








There is no fear in Love...

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in Love...

1 John 4:18

Showing up from a fearful place in life is like wearing the wrong clothing to the most amazing party with everyone there to witness. It's like forcing on mix-match heels that are too small, wearing a dress that's in the wrong size and worst color, with lipstick all over your mouth, accompanied by one crooked eyelash! Just a MESS!


Most of us have formed a redeemable habit of getting dressed for life in the dark from a fearful place!  So when we show up, it NEVER feels right!  


But guess what! We have the POWER through CHRIST alone to pick out your garments with the lights on, choosing what works for YOU, so that you can show up CONFIDENT, comfy and radiant!


From this place, you can give and receive love with everyone wanting to know...How does she do it!

She's never tired, never afraid, doesn't compare, worry or doubt...SO JUST HOW DOES SHE DO IT!

If this is what you want for your life, Join me in New Orleans January 2-5, 2020!

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Witness my Fear Story and how I tried out for the New Orleans Saints Cheerleading Squad at age 41 just to say YES, despite the outcome and the fear!