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6 Great reasons to take a Pole Dance Fitness Class

Pole Fitness Classes are just the thing that every woman needs, wants to try, and should try! If you feel judged, its you judging your self. Pole dance fitness classes were created because women began to recognize the strength and ability that was necessary to accomplish the art.

Moreover, the health benefits of a lean body and core, and the mental return of confidence are the icing the cake. Quick story on what turned me on to the phallic workout: I was in a pizza shop on Larchmont Blvd., (one of the best streets in LA), and I recognized Sheila Kelly, the owner of a popular and premier pole studio in Los Angeles Ca, - S Factor. I got the balls to walk up to her and ask what inspired her to open a pole studio and that I thought it was an awesome idea! I had yet to take her pole classes, but many of my friends had, and were transformed in many ways from the workout. But she went on to say that she played a role in a film as a pole dancer, and the training that she experienced to master the role, was the most challenging workout that she had ever done; moreover, it got her body in tip top shape! I was sold! Who knew that fours years later, I would bring the first Pole Dance Fitness Studio to Mobile Al, and the Gulf Coast in 2009! Guess I really was sold! But if your inner goddess has been contemplating, but your inner fears have been condemning you, here are 5 great reasons to listen to your goddess:

1. Hell You only live once.

Need I say more!

2. The Pole workout never gets boring:

Studios who offer Pole fitness normally offer a variety of classes other than Pole dance. Pole Fitness is a great opportunity to mix up your workout routine. Your body needs to undulate or change in order to continue to tone and burn calories!

3. You will always have a goal to reach:

The Pole Dance Workout is a goal oriented exercise modal that requires you to accomplish levels from from beginner to advanced, and even competition level. What this means is that your interest will always be peaked and you will have endless goals to obtain that will keep you interested, mentally and physically; much like a martial arts studio!

4. Judgement free environment.

One would think that a Pole dancing studio would attract egotistical clients and an unapproachable staff. That is THE OPPOSITE! My first pole class was in Atlanta, Ga. at Vertical Joe's. Seeing the instructor's very curvy body and watching her move on that pole was inspiring. The reason that it was not intimidating, was because she was as sweet as pie, looked like a normal person and encouraged the hell out of me. I felt beautiful, sexy, tired - but wanted more! The students in my class were very supportive and clapped and cheered as each of us met even the smallest goal. I get teary eyed thinking about it. That is the exact environment of Detour Fitness Studios ( We don't teach or train it, it just happens naturally. Our instructors are motivating and encouraging and the clients are like sisters!

5. Pole Fitness builds confidence.

I had a client who walked into the studio doors with her arms folded, head low, and unable to at look herself in the mirror. Simply put, after three sessions, the mirror is her best friend, she walks in with heels on, has purchased a pole, AND has brought her mother to class for the ride? I believe THAT is confidence honey! Let me say, she NEVER worked out before she experienced pole dance classes, and vows to do no other workout!

6. Get Michelle Obama Arms

Yes, Those! Pole dancing is the number one upper body strength builder. If you don't come with upper body strength, you will definitely leave with it! You will have defined arms, a strong core and incredible endurance. Good-bye bat wings, helloooo Wonder Woman!

Come try a Pole Class at Detour Fitness or your local pole dance studio! You have to try it once!



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