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The One True Way To Let Go

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Letting go is a phrase that is tossed around the emotional healing community very often. It sounds easy to do, but for the human mind it is very difficult. Our attachments keep us safe, they keep us connected with people, things, lifestyles and what we know. But there always comes a time, when those attachments no longer serve us, which means they may be harming us emotionally, physically, or spiritually. This is when it's time to start the process of letting go. And I do mean process. Be ready to turn on all the spigots of love, and start with loving your self first. This love will reflect towards others immediately.

So how do we let go?

Simple: When you finally DECIDE and TRUST that you don't NEED the person, place, thing, or idea anymore, you have successfully let go! You are no longer attached. So it is purely an inside job that seems scary, but it is THE BEST growth that you will EVER experience!

Here is a quick, and recent example from my life:

When I finally let go of having to have a ring on my finger, having to have a nice home with my husband, having to have my husband financially support me, having to GET my personal belongings from my home, having to have someone open my door, having to have alimony, or having to have an explanation. The daunting experiences of my marriage and my husband became a figment of my imagination, and my marriage became a blessing that I got to experience for five years. I was able to move on. I created my own closure and detachment.

I finally arrived at, "I have no problems to solve", and I was able to LET GO!

The person that I had become, was no longer "IN NEED".

How did I do this? Self Love.

What is Self love?

Below are the attributes of love from the Holy Bible (1Corinthians 13:4-8), but if you are not a believer, I think all of us can agree on these qualities at a spiritual level:

  • Patience - (With yourself and others)

  • Kind - (With yourself and others)

  • Humble - (We don't boast on ourselves nor envy others)

  • Does not insist on it's own way- (able to surrender to what is good and right-not as a self sacrificing push-over)

  • Not Irritable or resentful - (With yourself as you go through the process, nor others as may actually want your demise)

  • Does not rejoice in wrong doing (Self inflicted or to others)

  • Rejoices in truth (What does God say about you, and the situation?)

  • Hopes and Believes (In yourself, and the "possible" good in others)

  • Perseveres (endures all things, stands all difficulties)

It was either low self-worth, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, I can't do this without him, he owes me this and that, I've wasted my time, or I could try the above . I chose LOVE. And I was OK, very quickly. My best friend says that I was "FAST TRACKED."

FUNNY! I am now struggling to bed by 10 PM. I have an attachment and am in NEED of watching Murder She Wrote at 11PM. I am not ready to LET GO of that yet. But I know it effects my true desire to get 8 hours of sleep! I want to love myself enough to honor my health and beauty and get my but to sleep!

So what is it that you want to cut the cord with, no longer need, or attach to? It could be anything that has you enslaved to your emotions or outside of your values.

I would love to help you move away from what ever it is, and towards what you truly want to experience!

Deciding to LET GO, is SEXY BOLD and CONFIDENT! 😘 #Sexyboldconfident

So, hop in a group session with me and other like minded women, and let's level up together, letting go in a fun and affordable way! $30 per session, or $79 per month for 4 Sessions! Could you use some support, love, and accountability?

Book a Group Coaching and Accountability session today. In person if you are local, or via ZOOM if you are not or just want to stay at home!

Sign up easily, below. Or Call, 251-753-4565, and I can sign you up!

Interested in the 1 on 1 experience? Schedule a Discovery Call with me now, for a deeper dive to find out what stopping you, slowing you down, or getting in the way of having what you want. We'll create a personalized plan for your life and/or health goals! $97

In Sisterly Love,


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